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Our Guardian Family program keeps our breeding dogs the happiest, and living their best life in a permanent, loving environment. It also gives a special family wanting a wonderful, loyal canine companion the very best we have to offer. We welcome your interest and inquiries! If you meet the basic requirements and would like to know more please contact Maria at or 517-712-8248.


Basic Requirements.

1. Live within reasonable driving distance of the Lansing, Michigan area.

2. Ability and commitment to safely(crate) bring dog to us when needed for breeding related appointments and activities. If traveling long distance (vacation, holidays) dog may not be shipped in cargo by plane, train, boat or by commercial transporter.

3. Own your home and have a physically fenced yard.

4. Complete basic level training classes and attain AKC’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification by 12 months of age. Training must be by positive reinforcement methods only. No electrical training devices/fences at any time.


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