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Could You Be A Future Guardian?

About Our Program

Our Guardian Program was designed so that we may expand in a way that keeps our dogs happiest and living their best life. Our dogs will never live in a kennel or outside. Australian Labradoodles thrive on being loved members of a family and belong with their people in a loving home. We are blessed to have one Guardian family currently, and hope to have a select few puppies to place in additional Guardian homes in the years to come.

To be considered to be a Guardian family you must:

1. Live within 45 minutes of Lansing, Michigan.

2. Own (not rent) your home.

3. Have a fenced yard (exceptions considered on a case by case basis).

4. Complete 2 Obedience classes with your dog and achieve AKC's 'Canine Good Citizen' certification by the time the puppy is 14 months old.

5. Be responsible for all non-breeding related expenses including vaccinations, deworming, veterinary check ups, illness, heart worm preventative, professional grooming for an 'Australian Labradoodle' look, and feeding a high quality dog food.

6. Make the puppy available for health testing and veterinary visits related to breeding.

7. Monthly updates and pictures so we can keep in touch and watch your puppy grow too.

8. Love your puppy!

At Sugar Cookie Labradoodles we keep only those very few, select puppies who demonstrate the qualities that we want to see in future puppies. We will pay for all health testing to make sure that puppy is qualified for breeding. If for some reason your puppy does not pass all tests to our standards, we will spay or neuter the puppy at our expense and it will remain in your home forever. If the puppy does meet our standards it will stay with us during breeding, and if a female she will have a few litters, coming to stay in our home about a week before delivery until her puppies are weaned at around 5-6 weeks. When she is finished breeding she will be spayed at our expense and return to you, her 'forever' family.


If you are interested in becoming a member of our Sugar Cookie family by being a Guardian, please let us know!