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We are currently looking for a wonderful Guardian Family for Eloise ! Eloise has passed extensive health testing and has her momma Cookie's 'therapy dog temperament', is registered with the ALAA and WALA, and will become a momma for us late 2022 or early 2023. Guardian Families provide a loving long-term environment and eliminate the need for a kennel situation.  Australian Labradoodles are highly social, adore their people, and deserve to live a great life as part of a wonderful family. Our Guardian Family Program keeps our dogs happiest and living their best life, and gives a special family the very best we have to offer. We select and test all of our breeding dogs extensively and our pick of litter represents the ideal qualities that we want to continue or strengthen. Requirements:

1. Live within a 40minute drive of the Lansing, Michigan area.

2. Own your home.

3. Have a fenced yard (electric or invisible fencing doesn't deter incoming critters or intruders).

4. Ability to deliver dog to us when needed for breeding related appointments and activities.

5. Commit to trainingFamilies must take their puppy to beginning training classes and successfully pass the AKC sanctioned Canine Good Citizen (CGC) by the time the dog is 12 months

6. Commit to professional grooming every 4-6 weeks.

7. Commit to vaccinations, heartworm treatment, and general health care per our protocol.

There is no charge for a guardian puppy, however a $600.00 retainer which will be reimbursed for successfully completed training classes, is required. If you have time and a lot of love to devote to a very special puppy, lets talk! Contact Maria:

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