Guardian Home Opportunities


Sugar Cookie Labradoodles is occasionally looking for Guardian Homes for some of our breeding dogs and breeding prospect puppies. Guardian Homes provide a loving long-term environment for dogs that are a part of our breeding program and eliminates the need for a kennel situation.  Australian Labradoodles are highly social and adoring of their people, and deserve to live a great life as part of a wonderful family. The Guardian Program was designed in a way that keeps our dogs happiest and living their best life. We select breeding prospects very carefully and our pick of the litter selections represent the ideal qualities that we want to continue or strengthen. In this way our guardian homes receive the very best we have to offer. A dog or puppy is generally placed with a Guardian Family on a trial basis before deciding on permanent placement. To be considered you must meet the following main requirements:

1. Live within 30 minutes of Lansing, Michigan.

2. Own the home you live in.

3. Training. Families must complete an equivalent of Levels 1 and 2 training classes, and successfully pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) by the time the dog is 14 months

4. Professional grooming every 4-6 weeks.

5. Vaccinations and heartworm treatment per our protocol.

6. Send us monthly pictures to stay in touch.

7. Have someone home at least part of the day.

8. Have a fenced yard (electric or invisible fencing doesn't deter incoming critters or intruders).

9. Have the ability and work flexibility to fulfill driving expectations when we need Ida with us.

If you feel you can meet these requirements and have the time and interest to devote to one of our breeding dogs or puppies, lets talk! Please email Maria to set up a time at:

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