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The Guardian program benefits everyone involved - the Guardian puppy, the Guardian home, and our small breeding program at Sugar Cookie Australian Labradoodles. We are thankful for our current Guardian families, and occasionally need others so that we can continue our program without ever needing to kennel any dog. Australian Labradoodles are especially social who adore their families, want to be with them, and want to be involved in everyday life!  

The selection of our future breeding dogs requires our time and due diligence, and only those with qualities that we want to see continue are kept for breeding. Our Guardian homes receive the best we have to offer in an Australian Labradoodle, when we place a potential future breeding dog with them. During their first year, each of our breeding prospects undergo extensive health and genetic testing (at our expense). By the time one of our puppies reach maturity, our investment into ensuring they are healthy and genetically sound is substantial. Being a Guardian lets you contribute to our growing number of happy families across the United States with a Sugar Cookie puppy from a past litter!

Our simple requirements are likely what you’d be doing for your own puppy if you purchased one outright with the well-being of our dog in mind (training, physical activity, general healthcare). If you feel you would meet the requirements, please call or email us to answer all your questions!


In order to be considered as a Guardian family, you must be willing and able to commit to these requirements and provide for the general, routine care of our dog:


  • Your home must have a physical fenced yard. - Occasionally we will consider a home that does not have a fenced yard but only if the Guardian family agrees to keep the dog on a leash at all times. 

  • You must live no further than 45 minutes from Lansing, Michigan.

  • Feed the specific food we require.

  • Administer the specific heartworm and flea preventative we require.

  • Families must complete Levels 1 and 2 Training classes by the time puppy is 12 months of age, and provide proof of training to us. These are basic manners classes that provide socialization, manners, and basic commands necessary for a well-behaved family dog, not just for one of our future breeding dogs. The time you put in with training will be well appreciated by you, your family and by anyone who encounters our dog. 

  • Vaccinations and healthcare per our protocol.

  • Adhering to the Australian Labradoodle Association of America's approved 'look' every 4-6  weeks beginning with first professional groom around 5-6 months.

  • Monthly Sugar Cookie visits as a puppy. We love seeing how our puppy is doing and appreciate the chance to get to know you better!

  • A work schedule that does not leave puppy home alone more than 4-5 hours a day. If one or both adults in the household work full time, one must be able to come home to walk the puppy during a break.

  • Transporting the puppy/dog to us when needed for visits, health testing, and breeding, and whelping.

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