Stay At Home On-Line Training with BAXTER&Bella!

Train your puppy with help from this easy-to-use, fun-to-follow, on-line puppy school!


At Sugar Cookie Labradoodles we are passionate about socializing and training our dogs, so we can give them a voice and positive experiences that lead to the best life ever, together. We gladly recommend local trainers but often greater access is needed for training tips and advice by puppy owners, new as well as experienced. For this reason we ourselves signed up for a lifetime membership with BAXTER&Bella, and have found the high quality video tutorials, webinars, and private coaching sessions to be so helpful in training our own dogs.


Because we find this remote training resource to be so important, we have formally endorsed BAXTER&Bella as a Breeder-Partner. This means we can offer our puppy families and friends a discount code for lifetime membership, should they decide to join. Lifetime membership includes more than 65 step-by-step lessons and over 100 how-to videos, unlimited one-on-one coaching, training games, and more. If you decide to sign up, feel free to use Sugar Cookie's unique discount code for great savings and value:  COOKIE


We look forward to seeing you there!

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