On-Line Training with BAXTER&Bella!

An easy-to-use, fun-to-follow, puppy school at home!


At Sugar Cookie Labradoodles we believe in giving our dogs a voice and creating positive experiences that lead to the best life ever, for the whole family. Working with local trainers in-person is essential, but often greater access to training tips and advice with challenges is needed. Especially during our time of Covid-19 we appreciate this safer, alternative venue for training. Top notch video tutorials, webinars, and private coaching sessions can be so helpful!


Based on our personal experience, we can't say enough good things about BAXTER&Bella and have become a Breeder-Partner. This means we are assigned a unique discount code that can be shared with our family, friends, and page visitors for substantial savings. B&B membership includes more than 65 step-by-step lessons and over 100 how-to videos, unlimited one-on-one coaching, training games, and more! Check out their offerings and if you decide this is for you feel free to use our 20% discount code 'COOKIE'!



We look forward to seeing you there!