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Retired and Fondly Remembered!

Retired. Eloise (Sugar Cookies Eloise/Cookie&Whispering Winds Hudson) lives with us and two Sugar Cookie brothers, Tux and George. She is fun loving, very smart, and a major cuddle-bug who loves long walks and puzzles! 

Retired. Maddy (Sugar Cookies Madeleine/Cookie&Whispering Winds Hudson) lives with a loving retired couple (former guardians) and Sugar Cookie half-brother Jelly, who are always up for a romp and fun!

Retired. Ida (Wagging Tail Sweet Ida Red) is living a wonderful retirement with her doting family (former guardians) and doodle sister, Murphy!


Retired. Cannoli (Sugar Cookies Holy Cannoli!/Cookie&Midwest Labradoodle Moose) is a happy, bouncy doodle that we loved having part of our program! She lives with her former guardian family and Sugar Cookie sister, and especially loves vacations in northern Michigan!

Retired. Cupcake (Sugar Cookies Red Velvet/Cookie&Swinging Gate King George) is a smart, beautiful, former momma who continues to live a wonderful life with her forever family (former guardians) which includes two human siblings! Pretty sure that in addition to squirrel-watching, daily walks are 'Cuppy's' favorite activities!

Retired. Cookie (Wow Wow Caramel Kiss) is our first Australian Labradoodle and in great part responsible for most of our beautiful litters and success of our small, in-home program! She is mother to Eloise, Maddy, Cannoli, Cupcake, Tux, George, and grandmother to our upcoming new momma, Rosie. Her easy, go-with-the-flow temperament has been passed on to many of her puppies and grandpups. Cookie completed certification with 'Love on a Leash' and 'Buddy's Pals' and loved being a community ambassador and comfort dog, especially to children in local schools. Cookie now lives with a dear family friend (who is also retired) and loves the extra attention that comes with being an only dog!

Retired. Coco (Monarch Winning Inning) is living his best life with a loving, active family that stays very busy with their teens in high school and college! There isn't an errand that Coco doesnt love going on and is equally happy for movie night with the fam at home.

Retired. Baxter (Swinging Gate For the Love of Baxter) is enjoying lots of quality family time with his three human siblings, with long walks and backyard fun! Baxter is one of the friendliest, happiest, bounciest dogs we have ever met!

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